7 pm - 8:30 pm

*Classes are on Thursday nights*

$5 class charge to cover materials


Feb. 13th - Alzheimer's - What Went Wrong?

Why is modern medicine so resistant to new research showing this disease to be significantly preventable?  Where is the public information?  Where is a meaningful and effective treatment?  Why are 2/3's of all patients women?  How does Diabetes double your risk of Alzheimer's?  Learn how to

protect yourself and your loved ones!

Feb. 27th - Surviving Winter - Oils & Supplements

Damp, cold, windy weather plays havoc with our bodies.  Add into that mix shorter days, less sunshine, sick co-workers and dry homes and we ALL can have our health compromised.  Learn what oils and supplements have the greatest benefit to your health and immune system during the winter months. 


March 12th - Our Existing Arsenal

As frightening as Alzheimer's may seem, we have many tools

in our arsenal right now!  It is important to know which

tools are the right ones for the job of keeping our brains

healthy throughout our lifespan.   Take that all-important 

first step in reducing your overall risk.

March 26th - Chemical Free Home

We are bombarded every day by environmental chemicals.  We breathe in toxins, apply toxic additives to our skin and consume them in our food and water.  Advertisements try to convince us that their cleaning products are not harmful.  A growing body of evidence however is pointing a very toxic finger at many of the products we all grew up using.  So, what do we use instead? 

Join us to learn how to keep our homes AND our bodies clean.

Saturday Experience Days


COMING SOON!! : Babies, Children & Pets!

People often ask about dilution for these tender oilers. We

have oils specially formulated for them. Learn how to

include other family members in the many health benefits

of essential oil usage. 

All Events are held at 6841 N. Rochester Road Suite 300K unless otherwise noted